2 new packs suddenly appeared this morning for me for a “cyber special”. Not sure what it is celebrating since cyber weekend is next week, right?

I would skip both if you are not a frequent spender or tight on money. Both are not really worth it.

The first pack can be decent if you want a book. Its $2 for a BoH and if you are keen to get an extra hero level. It is not entirely worth it, but you can buy it if you want to. I wouldn’t spend the money unless you’re heroes are at least lvl40 though, to skip 7 days.

The second pack is completely junk though, because you are paying for the runes. Unless you really want to prep for TH13 by having multiple runes, I don’t think this pack is worth it. I wouldn’t spend money to prep so much because most of the fun in progression is the farming, cutting the amount of farming just reduces the fun overall.


  1. Hello, I am now starting to grind wall as a TH12 now. Wanted to use barch. What league would be the best to collector farm in your opinion? Currently I’m hovering around c1-m2. The loot is kinda scarce here. Thanks


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