If you haven’t seen it yet, please to watch the text and video in the Supercell forum:


The first thing I must address is the poorly worded sentence: “In order to upgrade to Town Hall 13, you will have needed to fully upgrade your Town Hall 12 – including the Giga Tesla”. Darian has since clarified that the only thing that needs to be maxed

All damage calculations and mechanics of the giga inferno is subject to change as SC themselves have not finalized the numbers on the inferno. So far, it will retain its 4 beams like a giga tesla and deal more damage than the giga tesla. Upon destruction, it will release a giga bomb similar to TH12 and additionally, will have a slowing effect on the troops in its radius.

Gameplay found here:

Preliminary stats can be seen here:

A 50% increase to the giga tesla is actually pretty good, all things considered. Given that most defenses generally get <10% (looking at eagle), 50% is pretty massive. Now the thing I am worried is that Giga Inferno might be the only “new” defense we’re getting for TH13, which would mean TH13’s growth isn’t as much as I would have liked. As everyone should now know based on the builder base, having more defense is far more potent than boosting current defenses. Not only for more hp, but also more spread out defenses.

One of the nice things about the new TH13 giga bomb is that it has a new slow effect which is quite substantial at higher levels. The slow effect also ignores the grand warden’s tome which would mean you’re not fully off the hook by using tome on the giga bomb. Someone mentioned that this is a great counteracting mechanic to prevent easy TH11/12 2 stars. However, this isn’t the case because the giga tesla only activates once you’re about to lose the defense or have already lost the defense. Once the giga inferno has been activated, the low level would simply drop 2-3 freezes, ignoring the giga inferno. Once it has been dealt with, the giga bomb doesn’t matter as they have already bagged 2 stars and are going home.

One gripe is that the giga bomb isn’t getting any stronger besides the slowing effect. 1000 damage is nice and all but it barely tickles higher hp troops. I would’ve loved to see it bumped up to 1500 damage.

All in all, a decent first step. Now I want to see the other new things in TH13


  1. new siege machine! But the problem is that if i want to use it it will only spawn lv3 wiz and lv1 pekka (i have them at those lvls) so i think i wont use it


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