This is the new signature defense of TH13. While the giga inferno is an improvement to the giga tesla, the scattershot is the new defense you get when you upgrade to TH13 and it is amazing.

For gameplay, I am now promoting itzu since he seems to know the game a little better.

No leaked stats by spanser yet, basically they have 150 dps for lvl1 and 180 dps for lvl2 with about 3500 hp. You don’t get one of them for TH13, you get two. They deal splash damage to primary targets right it front of it similar to a wizard tower and they do a scatter shot behind the primary target in a cone shape for half damage. They also shoot once every 2-3 seconds so they deal about 500 dmg per shot.

Edit: got the leak below

First impressions, this is actually an amazing defense. Its another splash damage in the base countering all mass troops, but also has huge single target dps. 180 dps is nothing to sneeze at even for BK and pekkas because point defenses currently only have 130-150 dps. Given that, this will be an beast of a defense to go through and you definitely need to plan in advance to counter it. Even hogs, bats and loons are getting shredded, so you really need to think of how to counter it. Maybe the new TH13 hero and lvl50 warden would help.

This defense will probably be active all the time unlike xbows and infernos, so in the future TH13 dead bases will be a pain to go through as they will one shot barch like nothing. This is probably the death of barch for storage raiding for all future TH above TH13. Looking at its power, its not like wizards, bowlers, loons and miners are any better though.

Looking at the videos, I’m still a little disappointed at how easy itzu was clearing TH13 bases with just TH12 troops and heroes. This means that we might still face the same balancing problem as we have now. I do think TH13 at first glance is still not strong enough, but let’s hope for better. With all the 15-18 day upgrades, it would take TH13s about half a year to gain much advantage over TH12, unless the 4th hero can change things.

With this new defense, it seems like electros will still be strong early in TH13 because they aren’t affected as much as other troops. They might be the first troops I upgrade in TH13 so that they can be used immediately for Jan CWL season. Pekka smash will suffer a lot because pekkas will not be able to protect bowlers behind them. Pekkabobat will straight up die if you don’t take these defenses out. Hogs and loons will get toasted because of the scattershot and giga inferno. From the video above, it seems like bowitch will still be strong as well.


    • Its a maxed giga inferno and two maxed scattershots. That alone would take about 1 month or more to max. Being a one-month old TH13 and still getting 3 starred by TH12 is pretty sad. I want TH13s to be nearly immune to 2 stars from TH12, but they are getting 3-starred easily. Attacker skill shouldn’t factor much into the equation, they shouldn’t have the raw strength and potential to crush TH13s so easily

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