The second thing about TH13 has been announced and it is the siege barracks. Here’s the official announcement:

Here’s some gameplay of the siege barracks:

Below are its speculated stats:

It is basically a spawner unit, forgo-ing breaking walls and dealing damage to spawn about 70 capacity of pekkas and wizards. You can drop this siege machine at the edge of the base (you can only spawn it where you normally spawn troops), and a pekka will appear followed by 12 wizards. As it spawn troops, it will lose health and eventually it will break to release your regular CC troops. This is basically an enlarged regular cc without siege machines, trading all previous abilities for extra troops. You can damage it to reduce the amount of troops spawned so it might be an indirect buff to mortar. You’ll be mad to drop it alone so you should at least drop a giant or ice golem in front of it to tank point defenses but mortars might be able to get a shot or two in, reducing the amount of wizards you will be able to spawn.

The level of troops will be according to your “lab level”, which I’m not too sure what that means yet. Nobody has clarified whether they will spawn exactly as your current troop level or maxed for your lab level. At least this prevents TH10 using the strongest version of this siege barracks because they cannot spawn maxed out pekkas but rather, only lvl5 pekkas. If you’re rushed and only have lvl1 pekkas, I’m not sure what will spawn in this circus.

I can certainly find uses for this new siege machine. Wall wreckers have been slowly phasing out on high level TH12 wars because most bases are designed to counter them (semi-edge TH). High level players have been using stone slammers on ground armies and using it to either snipe the TH or attack the back end of the base. If the base design allows, you can trade your siege machine for 70 extra troops to help you in battles.

Four levels of siege machines are going to be a pain especially for my clan where we are only lvl9 and far from 10. We will need lvl3 siege machines before we can donate maxed ones. Luckily I have lvl3 wall wreckers on both accounts but will need some effort to level my slammer for TinySin. If you have the necessary infrastructure and clan level, only lvl4 matters and this is quite a problem. They don’t really need to introduce so many levels of siege machines as everyone, including TH10 will only use lvl4. If levels were to matter, they need to rebalance it so that low levels can only receive low level siege machines. I dread the day when TH10 can bring lvl7 siege machines and crush TH11 easily.

Many people are really negative about this machine saying that it would not be used at all. That sort of opinion is foolish as nobody has used it yet and it might become a breakout success. The only people have used it are the developers and hyped up Youtubers. Only time will tell whether it is good or not, so we should all reserve our judgement and use it for ourselves. Being overly negative won’t change things as this will be introduced in the next update regardless.

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