The new TH12/13 troop has been announce and it is the Yeti:

Below is some gameplay by itzu. They can be used like pekkas and seem like a replacement to pekka:

And here’s the preliminary stats:

The yeti is a ground, melee troop which some what works like the pekka. The yeti attacks once per second unlike the pekka, it deals less dps and has less health, in exchange it has a summoning mechanic. It only occupies 18 space which means that you can bring more of them compared to pekkas. The problem with 18 space is that it is susceptible to spring traps if they are lvl4. Because of its 18 space, only TH12 can receive multiple yetis in the CC which is great balancing here. Low levels can only bring 1 yeti which is probably less broken than having it at 15 space.

They will drop yetimites whenever they are attacked. The “spawned units” column is the maximum yetimites that can be dropped by the yeti. Unlike witches, they have a finite amount of summons. Once the yeti dies, all remaining yetimites are released in a swarm. They have 400 hp each so that can they survive a little while they run towards their target. The yetimite’s attack seem to be suicidal. They will jump onto the nearest defense and destroy themselves. They can also jump through walls so they can actually deal with island infernos.

People seem to tout this to be the troop that counters the scattershot, but videos show that they yetimites are dropped behind the main yeti so they are destroyed before they can jump. It seems like the scattershot is designed to counter them, not the other way around.

This seems to be a decent troop and would replace pekkas in many situations. Being a reasonably tanky melee troop, they can be healed like pekkas for a yeti smash. Losing a yeti isn’t as bad as pekka because you get yetimites as compensation, but losing them to spring traps is quite devastating. This troop will probably not see much play until Jan/Feb because of the long upgrade times, I wouldn’t focus my effort to upgrade barracks + upgrade them immediately unless they are broken.

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