This will include an analysis of the winter holiday pack as well. (Hint: only one pack is good)

The left most pack is a complete sham, no doubt about it. You can get 6 free hero upgrades and 6 free building upgrades by paying $100. The total value is about 100/12 = $8.3 per book which isn’t really a good deal.

The second pack with 5 runes is a little better. For the price of $5.55 per book, it isn’t great but it is something. You also get 900k DE and 36mil elixir for free. A little less resources and a lot more books for the price. I still say it isn’t worth it.

The third pack with 500k DE and 2 books is a complete ripoff though. You’re paying for the DE and getting free books for this because no way you’re paying $10 per book! To make things worse, you can actually buy 2.5k gems for the same price and instantly gem 3 hero levels.

The lucky 13 pack is a little less bad because you’re paying $5 per book and each book can reduce your timer by 14-18 days. This is the second best pack out of the 6 available.

The golden scoop pack is completely worthless. I would never buy it.

The final Everything Must Go pack is the best pack and I will recommend you to buy it if you want some books. It gives you 2 books for the low price of $3.50 which is less than $2/book. This can allow you to skip a total of 30+ days of upgrades, half of which which can be used for lab, builders or heroes.

Now, why is the TH13 pack a scam:

I was pretty tempted to buy it initially, until I counted the cost. The TH level packs have been deteriorating in value over time because SC reduced their value (give you less stuff for the same price) and they have devalued the items within the pack (things become cheaper). A TH9 pack in the past used to give you a lvl2 xbow and a lvl1 AQ for $20. It used to be a fair value because a lvl2 xbow costed 17 days. Now, it only gives a lvl1 xbow instead which costs a mere 4 days. These days, it is not worth it to buy any of the Town Hall value packs anymore.

The TH13 is a blatant example of this. 5 levels of the Royal Champion seems good, until you realize that the first 5 levels only take up 7 days! This means that those “5 levels” are only worth one Book of Heroes while SC is charging you for 5 books! The scattershot cuts 15 days which is a decent value, but definitely not worth $16-20 alone. Basically, you’re buying a total of 15mil gold + 900k DE (5 levels+200k) and getting some free books thrown in for the low low price of $50.

If it costed $20 then it can be considered “ok” value because you’re skipping some wait time and a large amount of the initial RC grind. However, this price point is completely bonkers and it is not worth it at all.

Verdict: do not be scammed

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