Started my day with a war attack, here’s how it went:

I even used hero and power potions to stack the deck in my favor. No way I’m going to fail on a basic TH12 base, right?

Ugh, don’t know where I failed. This base is actually pretty easy to pekka bobat but somehow I failed with no pekkas remaining. Sometimes I was able to crush this base with most pekkas surviving and bat fail. This just shows how weak TH13 is going to be, even with 2 maxed heroes and maxed troops, a TH13 will struggle to 3 star TH12s. Anyway, back to progression

Upgraded royal champ to lvl3

Because I booked my AQ, I didn’t have enough DE to start her next level so I had to use a rune here. If I knew I would only 2 star, I definitely wouldn’t waste a perfectly good book on the AQ. I would’ve just used electro for the easy 2 star instead.

Since I farmed enough DE, I’ll just gem her. I used to only gem when my DE was full but now I’m being impatient and a little irrational. In fact, I would save more gems by farming to max DE first, gemming the reduced time then farm a little more before gemming again. This would reduce the amount of gems used in total. Oh well, the impatient will fall behind 😦

Spammed wall rings here, used 24 from my old stock and 18 from this month’s pass to instantly complete 7 walls.

Only 88 to go!

Lots of upgrades will take an entire week, this is why TH13 feels so relaxed for everyone… except me. I want to complete as many hero upgrades as possible. I did not upgrade 4 heroes on the first few days of TH13 because they aren’t really worth it. The growth of heroes are way too low to justify spending so much DE upfront to upgrade them before upgrading key stuff like CC and scattershots.

I’m busying spamming builder potions here even though it is less optimal because I want to complete the first few upgrades (lab/DE storage/CC/scattershot) quickly. After those are done, I will start upgrading all 4 heroes to use builder potions at maximum efficiency. I can buy 36 builder potions which means 2 levels in each hero, great value (y)


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