Honestly, farming TH13 is not much worse than TH12. I’ll say its on average only 20% worse because there’s no dead TH13 yet. The loot change is huge though, allowing me to snipe large amounts of loot from semi/fully-exposed storages. For those who don’t know, TH12 used to only give out 450/450/3.5k in storages which is exactly the same as TH11. Now, TH12 can give out 500/500/4k; while TH13 has been balanced to give 550/550/4.5k. This is a proper change as storage raids have been extremely unprofitable for a long time because you do not gain more loot despite enemies being stronger.

The amount of dead bases are still quite abundant and I have not found any trouble getting loot.

Because my main limiting factor is DE, I would attack some raids with exposed DE storages to gain loot. Elixir and gold are the problem here because their upgrade timers are so long. I only need DE for the first week of TH13 and everything else will go into walls. This is why I have completed about 25 walls so far.

Lots of nice and easy bases allowed me to farm enough DE while completing the goblin event at the same time


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