Only 3 pictures today because there was only one upgrade done today. The first week of TH13 is very straightforward because there are 5 week-long upgrades while only one short upgrade sequence. Basically, TH13 is:

  1. RC > RC > RC > max
  2. Clan castle
  3. Siege workshop
  4. Lab
  5. DE storage
  6. Scattershot

I just used a book to skip the siege workshop so that I could keep donating siege machines, and as a result I can upgrade AQ here. I could’ve used a hammer to skip the clan castle as well but I forgotten. If I had used a hammer, I would do a few low level bomb/SAM upgrades then farm enough for warden lvl41.

I missed the picture of unlocking the mighty shield so here’s a pic of her going to lvl5 right now. That will be two days without any builders, unless I spam builder potions and maybe spend some gems which I will do.

83 walls to go! Wow, they are so easy. Maybe I don’t need the supplemental elixir income from barch at all.


  1. I just noticed something, th13-update loot is different from th12-update loot back then.

    SC made th12 to mostly find th12s and th11s and made th13 to mostly find th13s and th12s.

    Back then, when you rushed to th12 at post-update, the dead bases are so extinct that you will need to farm storages. But now, when you rushed to th13 at post-update, you will find more dead bases(based on my experience and theory) than th12 post-update thanks to th12 rushers siege donators. I’ve seen more dead in crystal-gold league than th12 update 2018 ,which is crazy.


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