Using builder potions to skip 18 hours of heroes. I only have 2 heroes upgrading right now so it is not fully efficient to use them now. I need to skip a few hours of builders and this is more worth it than spamming hammers. I actually don’t get much joy from using hammers because it doesn’t require much effort. This is why I don’t understand why people love using hammers because of “instant gratification”. I get zero gratification from using hammers and feel that I cheesed the upgrade. It feels the same as buying the upgrade outright using money from the shop.

After skipping 9 hours, I was able to upgrade RC again to lvl6. Right now, her costs have dropped significantly and I don’t need to farm so much now to keep her upgrading. I only need to farm 56.6k DE/day to keep her upgrading at this level and only 51k for the next. Along with AQ who costs only 35-40k, my DE need per day isn’t very high. Once I get more available builders, I will start upgrading BK and GW at the same time.

RC going to lvl6 already and I need to farm 216k for AQ in less than 2 days. After AQ is done, I need to farm 144k for RC again. This would greatly increase my short term DE requirements. Then, I intend to upgrade BK after DE storage is done so the DE needs will be a little crazy for the next 3 days. I’m quite looking forward to farm a large amount and challenge myself doing so. I still have 30k DE ready in my season pass and a rune of DE unused. I’m not sure how am I going to spend my runes as I’m managing perfectly fine with my resources. I will definitely keep some books for season bank roll out otherwise I wouldn’t have any way of spending that loot beside walls.

Walls doing well so far. Everything I upgrade a hero, I have enough loot to upgrade 5 walls so I would easily complete my walls before the end of Jan

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