After evaluating my walls upgrading speed, I switched to miners for now as my walls will complete faster than my heroes. Currently, my main limiting factor is farming DE for heroes as I can easily cap out 14/14mil with only 150-200k DE in my storage. Even if I sacrificed some elixir it wouldn’t impact me much because I would otherwise waste elixir anyway.

TH13 is unlike other TH levels where there is actually no grind for elixir. You don’t gain any offensive upgrades beside your heroes and lab doesn’t require much elixir. As such, elixir will only be used on walls and troop training.

Attack log:

I was able to farm about 75k DE within a boosted hour. In exchange, I lost about 4-5mil elixir. One walls for some extra DE? I guess that’s decent enough.

Used some ice golems to complete the event. I also used a training potion here and got one back. Definitely not doing this again, the increased training time is not worth the extra hp and freeze.


  1. will you do th13 guide when you max it out or earlier? And also pre th13 checklist when? Oh and you should update the th12 guide to add when to upgrade to th13 and probably removing some upgrades such as defenses


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