Just spent all my DE yesterday and had to spend the entire day farming DE today. After a little bit of grinding and one training potion, I managed to farm enough DE for AQ using miners. My attack logs are found in another post below. Now I only need to farm another 224k DE for the next level and she’ll be maxed after using a book followed by hammer. I bought this hammer before the TH13 update and till now still regret it. What’s done is done, I could’ve upgraded more than one AQ for the same cost using builder potions.

After upgrading AQ, I found out that I made a huge mistake. I forgotten to upgrade walls and now my gold and elixir are both overflowing. I would mean about 3-5 less walls and I need to farm DE despite full storages. Can’t cancel the upgrade because DE is so precious right now I’ll just have to bear with it.

AQ going to lvl68 and RC going to lvl6 now. I need to farm another 120k DE for lvl7 RC in 16 hours. This should be easy and I still have time to boost barracks.

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