Got a book of heroes from the trader and I bought it. I plan to use it later today.

RC completing in an hour but I have 2 builders coming free tomorrow.

I plan to upgrade the BK in 24 hours and that will require me to farm 200k DE over a day. I should be able to make it easily if I just put my heart into this farming.

Once I have a free builder, I upgraded my warden first

Used a book here, then spent the gold on walls before upgrading RC to lvl7.

Now that RC is upgrading, I need to farm another 160k DE in 23 hours. Warden is also lvl41 now and only requires 9 more levels. I plan to use another book on him afterwards before upgrading him full time to lvl50. Warden lvl50 is pretty redundant, he gains a negligible hp and dps boost while gaining NOTHING on his life aura. This, along with no army camp upgrades and sub-10% troop upgrades, mean that TH13 hinges entirely on royal champion. So far, she seems ok, but it will take 3 months before she is useful. Currently, lvl5-15 ability isn’t very powerful at all because it can barely destroy any defense. Lvl20 isn’t much better but at least a few defenses can be destroyed using her ability.

75 walls to go! At this rate, they’ll be done before the end of Jan, probably around the time I max warden and RC

Attack log:

Some amazing DE here in high Masters and low Champs. Since I’m farming DE full time, miners fit the role perfectly.

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