Lab upgrade completed early in my 7th day of TH13. Lab would normally cost 10 days but it became 7 days because I spammed builder potions during my first week. 2 builders came free at the same time, they were upgrading the lab and DE storage.

Hammered electro dragons as they are still decent against low level TH13

Then I used a hammer of spells to skip heal spell because there are only 3 spells to upgrade for TH13. Heal spells would help my miner spam, somehow.

With my full elixir tank, I upgraded miners in the lab. At least they gain 100 extra hp with this boost, allowing them to survive one extra hit, sometimes.

Refilled my elixir tank to upgrade barracks so that I can upgrade Yetis in the lab. They are borderline broken as stated by some other Youtuber so I will personally upgrade them to try them out. Lvl2 doesn’t seem much different compared to lvl3 so I will give my feedback after I upgrade them.

Upgraded yeti in the lab, then built my second scattershot followed by upgrading my BK. This wiped out all my gold and elixir so no new walls upgraded 😦 I still have 75 walls to go

No free builder for almost 2 days 😦 Its going to be a little boring tomorrow because I only need to farm 80k DE/day for 2 days. (spoiler: I was super busy the next day and was lucky I didn’t need to farm much)


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