After finishing my DE storage 2 days ago, I can now store much more DE between upgrades which makes subsequent upgrades easier. This is why I started my DE storage as a first priority upgrade, because it makes hero upgrades easier without gems. Otherwise I usually just spend gems when I have 240k DE, now I spend only at 300k.

Spent the DE and upgrade RC again. She is progressing well, but I still need to spend a fair amount of gems before she is maxed. I want her maxed before Feb CWL but that might take too many gems especially since I still have warden to upgrade.

RC going to lvl8 now. I can easily cap out my DE in less than 2.5 days so I will need to gem either AQ or RC. Spoiler: I managed to farm that DE in less than a day. Since RC costs less than 6-7 days, it is really hard to plan her upgrade out so that she doesn’t complete on the same day as BK. With 7 day hero upgrades, I can easily keep each hero separate so I don’t suddenly require 500k DE to keep heroes upgrading.

71 walls to go. This is so easy

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