Gemmed lvl68 AQ. Two levels from maxed is the same as maxed for me.

Upgraded to lvl69 and used a book here to complete the upgrade.

After 5 levels of AQ, she has gained 8% in both hp and dps, while gaining about 5% power in her ability. This improvement is really sad, no wonder pre-TH13 teaser videos showed TH12 crushing TH13 bases. Heroes don’t gain anything in TH13, so having TH12 heroes should allow you to crush TH13 bases fairly easily.

Bought this hammer before the update, I regret it slightly. But it felt so good using it to max her immediately though

And this is the reason why I wanted to max my AQ immediately. I was able to use the book to finish AQ69 and now I can claim my free book. This offer has expired by the time you read this, but this is the nature of my posts. I can only post retrospectively 😦

I prepared enough elixir for this upgrade. After AQ is maxed, I spent my elixir to upgrade warden to lvl42. He will need another 9 weeks or so to max, better start grinding him. Miners without warden is extremely weak, even lvl7 miners are really weak and cannot penetrate TH12 bases without the warden, that’s so sad and pathetic.

69 walls to go. Wall progress getting slower since I am upgrading some defenses and lab recently. Hopefully I can go back to full speed wall farming soon and finish them before the end of Jan

My base is still missing two important buildings, the both scattershots. I have both building and will move them to the core soon. The giga inferno is pretty bad in defense, just like the giga tesla, even the weakest players can use freeze and tome to completely ignore the defense.

RC lvl8 in 2 days. I will most likely use builder potions or straight up gem the upgrade once I have more DE. She will be maxed in mid Feb without magic items and that’s a little too slow. Hopefully I can max her along with my other heroes by end of Jan

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