SC has given us 50 gems for today’s free magic item. Not bad, I would gladly take those gems and skip a few hours of my upgrades. Its not like they’re giving us training potions, right? Right??

Completed these two events at the same time. I didn’t use ice wizards initially because they felt so weak, but that was mainly because of the bug. Then I saw that the event was 3 weeks’ long so didn’t bother to do it until now. With the bowler discount, they can be used in an army and do decently against TH12/13. The problem is that I didn’t have warden so they all would die to the giga bomb. This made raids much harder than they should be.

This was my army. I basically used QW on a corner, followed by 1 ice golem, 2 healers, 4 ice wizards and 5-6 bowlers on the other corner. This allowed a decent funnel where I dropped everything else in the center to wreck the base. The problem is that if I am hitting a collector base, I would fail to secure collectors so I would spread my army around like barch to get as many collectors as possible. This army reminds me of why I refused to use storage armies for a long long time, because using such armies would just make it harder and unprofitable to loot dead bases.

But hey, at least I got 140 gems from both events.

Boosted builders for two hours so that I can quickly spend my loot.

My builder completed its scattershot upgrade and I immediately leveled it again using a hammer. So far they are really contributing in my defense, but having giga inferno down and my second scattershot upgrading means that my base is still very weak. Hopefully my base would be strong once Jan rolls over and I finish the 3 main TH13 defenses.

Placed my scattershot in the middle of the base now, allowing it snipe troops from the core. So far so good, but I want all my 3 core TH13 defenses active before I comment how good/bad they are.

RC going to lvl9 now and the upgrade time is getting a little too long for my taste. My DE requirements have dropped substantially to a mere 80-90k DE per day for two heroes. This is pretty easy to farm and I can easily get that in less than 20 raids per day. Since I’m quite free now and doing almost 40 raids per day, I’m overshooting the DE requirements by a large margin.

BK is completing tomorrow and I need another 120k DE for him which I can accomplish easily. After that, I just need to farm another 160k over 2.5 days. I would most likely spam builder potions to make it faster.

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