Farmed enough DE to naturally upgrade BK lvl67. I’m only 4 weeks away from maxing him. I’ll only need to complete the lvl69 upgrade then I intend to spend a book or just gem the final level. After he’s lvl70, he can start helping AQ to funnel my troops down the center. In fact once he’s maxed, I’ll most likely switch back to barch for massive elixir + DE farming so that I can complete GW and RC quicker, while not compromising wall progress.

The problem with miners is that I am sacrificing a ton of elixir for a 50-100% bonus in DE. While it is great for 3 upgrading dark heroes, its not good for warden, lab and wall progress.

My first scattershot is putting in a lot of work while defending my base. The problem is that players just spam 3-4 freeze on it and my base is dead. I’ll need to have all 3 core defenses maxed before I can determine how good TH13 is.

After my clan castle is done, I’ll have two days without a hero to upgrade. I’ll just continue farming DE quickly and gem the RC once I have 300k DE in my storage. Many people just slack once they reach their DE goals, but maxing heroes is a really long term goal. The more you farm today, the less you need to farm tomorrow.

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