Except for the first day, this current event has been pretty underwhelming which explains a lot of complaints in reddit. Well, I can’t really complain about free gems. I have claimed all the rewards and have used them for boosting (training potion) or sold them off (shovel or hero potions).

Started a two hour builder boost which will reduce my RC to 6 hours from 24

Seriously, with multiple heroes under upgrade, building potions are really broken. You can see the huge difference between this account and TinySin. The 7-day cooldown is not the only factor against hammers, its the sole focus on one building which makes you less rounded compared to using builder potions, not to mention the huge boost towards heroes making hammers obsolete. A good farmer shouldn’t have any issues with resources which render half the functionality of hammers moot. I do still wish they reduce the price of builder potions, so that I can use more.

After 6 hours, I was able to upgrade RC to lvl10! She gains another level in her seeking shield at lvl10 which will help destroy some defenses like tesla. I’m still not convinced with the ability because you still cannot kill multiple defenses even at lvl20. Early videos of gemmers have shown that she isn’t that overpowered at all. She’s just about as strong as all the other heroes. Her greatest strength actually lies in defense. Her great health and dps makes attacks much harder when she is awake.

Upgraded warden and immediately used a book here. This way, I can use him for a day and use miners to crush much harder bases. Using a book with no resources mean that I am not actually saving the full 6 days here, because I cannot upgrade him immediately again. I must farm fast to ensure maximum efficiency of this book.

Basically, warden takes 62.5 days to max out. Using a book here and having him awake for 3 days only cuts down the total upgrade time to 59.5 days. The efficiency of the book is reliant on how fast I can farm loot for his next level. If I can upgrade him tomorrow, I would’ve saved 5 days by using the book (6-1= 5 days).

The second day of using this base for defense is actually good. I was only attacked once the entire day, but it may be due to my activity level preventing others from raiding me. A few more days of data is required.

That bomb upgrade is pretty key here. It allows me to do some quick upgrades while I quickly farm elixir for warden’s next level. Once I have enough, I will stop upgrading this cheap trap and upgrade warden again.

My schedule is all over the place now. I have 4 builders coming free in 3 days which is crazy. I will need to gem the RC to push her further down the schedule and then prepare the loot for the other 3 upgrades. This is my plan:

  1. Gem RC and upgrade her in 1-2 days. This would push her to the 5-6 day upgrade range, so it wouldn’t be anywhere close to BK.
  2. Builder 2: After scattershot #2, I plan to upgrade an elixir storage. 3.6mil gold, easy
  3. Builder 3: Barb king 67 > 68. No brainer here. It would cost 216k DE which wouldn’t compete with my other builder requirements
  4. Builder 4: Giga inferno lvl2 > 3. It would cost 11.2mil gold which would raise my gold requirements to 14.8mil gold. I would just collect the extra gold from my season pass and easily afford both gold upgrades. I could even farm the 800k gold easily within the 3 hour window between both upgrades.


  1. Are builder potions worth it as a th11 if you havent otto but have gold pass or hammers are better? I know that with 2 heroes upgrading builder potions are better but with one?


    • TH11 upgrades are much cheaper and probably aren’t worth using a hammer. A hammer is worth 14-18 days for reference and using it on a shorter upgrade is like deliberately throwing away time. I’d save it up and use it at TH12/13


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