Free hero potion again. Its likely we’re only getting 2-3 good free magic items. I just hope that the Xmas pack is good with tons of books/builder potions.

Attack log:

Lots of DE which is great for my BK/RC progress. But now that my RC is higher level, my DE requirements have dropped substantially. I now need to spend about 300-500 gems/day to keep heroes upgrading otherwise I would be stuck with 300k DE and upgrading heroes.

Using one of Itzu’s farming base but it seems pretty weak for now. The exposed TH and close proximity of elixir storages make me lose a ton of loot without getting a shield. The first day has been really bad for defenses:

Look at the 2nd and 4th defense in the lists. I was hit for 23/27% and was not granted a shield. This allowed the 1st and 3rd defense in the list to hit me again for greater losses than being 100% the first defense. Crows was crap for gold/elixir, but at least I always force a shield whenever I lose loot. I’ll use it for a few more days before changing or switching back.

The upgraded clan castle is quite good, it allows me to bring a few more troops and even sometimes an extra ice golem. 7 extra miners to the enemy’s TH is good when I fail my funnel.

RC going to complete in another 1.5 days and my DE is almost full. Looking at my attack logs, I will definitely overflow before she is done.

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