I’m still keeping up with the intense DE regimen since the beginning of TH13 and now that RC has become laughably cheap, my DE is constantly overflowing now. With only 2 dark heroes, I only need to farm 80k DE/day to keep both upgrading. I’m currently farming at least 150k DE/day based on my HH records. But when I include my drills, defense losses, star bonus and loot bonus, the actual DE is around 180-200k/day. At this rate, I will need to spend almost the rest of my gem count to keep upgrading heroes. Great thing is my entire stash of gems is saved purely for hero upgrades.

RC going to TH13 after skipping almost 3 days of time.

Now at the end of the day after spending 180k on RC earlier today, I am back to 201k DE and in danger of overflowing tomorrow. Farming is pretty easy at TH13 right now, though it is quite frustrating at times with warden upgrading and my attacks are so weak. People are using dragons in Titans but looking at how much loot they’re making, I’m glad I’m here in lower leagues. Dragons take too long to train unless you spam a lot of these free training potions, but then again, I can spam training potions as well.

RC going to lvl11 right now and my next builder are coming in another 2 days. I will probably spam builder potions tomorrow so that I can spend my overflowing storages.

Warden going to lvl44 now after using him for today. With the gold pass discount, I only need another 45.5 days before he’s maxed. I am planning to use at least two books to cut that time to 31 days. Hopefully I can max him in early Jan then farming would become much easier and I can spend all my elixir on walls.

Attack logs:

I had the warden for today because I used a book yesterday and it was crazy. The difference of having warden is like night and day. Miners go up from 1000 hp to 1575 and just don’t die from most causes. I can also use the warden to ignore the entire giga bomb which is absurd. Seriously, the giga bomb should be able to partially pierce the eternal tome of lower level wardens otherwise its way too easy for low levels to hit up.

Defense log

Defense is ok-ish I guess. I no longer face multiple <30% defenses but I’m still too weak to multiple upgrading TH13 defenses. They seriously need to fix this “early-TH syndrome”, where you immediately become weaker when you upgrade your TH and only become stronger after 2-5 months of upgrading. TH12 was already very egregious in this sense, where only maxed TH12s with 65/65/40 are significantly stronger than a maxed TH11. It shouldn’t take 4-5 months of upgrades just to be stronger than the previous level. I’d say 2-3 weeks is perfectly balanced.

For reference, I want the gap between a 2-3 week old TH13 and a maxed TH12, to be bigger than the current maxed TH13 vs new TH12. Currently, even a maxed TH13 is only slightly stronger than a maxed TH12.

This means at least 1500 hp and 180 dps miners with no warden (currently 1000 and 128, previous level 900 and 120). Dragons should be 5600 hp (currently 4200, previous level 3900) and electros should go up to 6000 hp with 450 dps (currently 4500/330, previous level 4200/300). To balance this, scattershot will go up to 240 dps (currently 180) and air defenses will get 600 dps (currently 440). Every single upgrade should be 25-50% increase instead of the current <10%.

Even redditors have begun to realize that TH13 is really weak, SC seriously needs to address the balance here otherwise there’s no point in the progression.

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