This is great offer, I got a builder potion plus 40 gems. There are too many training potions this season and I cannot stand using more than 2 training potions per day so I’m selling most of these free training potions. A 1-gem army boost is coming soon so I will boost then if I want to.

Boosted builders for 3 hours, skipping 27 hours on all my builders. 27*6 = 162 hours which is more hours than a hammer of heroes (max 156 hours with gold pass). I do think that builder potions should be reduced to 20-25 medals to make them more competitive compared to hammers.

I also boosted by lab for 2 hours, skipping 18 hours from my yeti upgrade. I need to do this otherwise its completion will be too close with my warden upgrade and that’s not a good planning. I only have 2 elixir demands to fulfill, warden and lab. I need to plan these two out so that I don’t have both completing at the same time, which would cause unnecessary stress in farming.

My lab has a minor problem right now, I have 2 book of spells (1 unclaimed from season pass and 1 in my inventory). If I don’t use a book soon, I will need to sell one book for 50 gems. I don’t think its worth it to waste a book like that so I will need use it soon. The problem then becomes, if I use the book, then I wouldn’t have enough elixir for my next lab upgrade which would mean an idle lab. I have better uses of my rune of elixir so I don’t think I will use it now. This is why I plan to buy the $5 Xmas bundle with 9mil elixir so that I can keep my lab upgrading right after using the book of spells.

I’m only in this predicament currently because I bought and used a hammer of spells in preparation of TH13. I shouldn’t have bought that hammer and should’ve saved it for 4 builder potions instead. Admittedly, another reason why I have this problem is because I maxed TH12. Unlike TinySin, who could just upgrade lvl1 wizards to lvl4, I don’t have any cheap lab upgrades to ensure a perpetually upgrading lab. This is yet another reason to rush.

After using the 3 builder potions, I have 3 builders completing their upgrades. One was working on giga inferno, so I just upgraded it to lvl3; another was working on BK so I upgraded BK to lvl68. The third builder completed my 2nd scattershot and I used it to upgrade an elixir storage.

Just started 3 upgrades today, now I need to prepare the loot for the next 3 upgrades. I only need to farm 80k DE in the next two days to upgrade RC again, so I will most probably farm more than enough tomorrow then I can spam a few builder potions again.

Just looking at the builder potions I’m spamming, you can see the marked difference between this account and TinySin. I also farm much more on this account so I spent a fair amount of gems (~2k so far) to skip hero upgrade timers to prevent overflowing DE.

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