This is an amazing Xmas day offer and I immediately claimed all 3 rewards. I heard that the Boxing day offer was the exact same, but I was in a flight during that time so I missed out on that 😦 Anyway, this book of buildings is perfect for me because I planned to buy the $10 pack which gives 12mil gold. Without the book of buildings, I needed to use a book of everything otherwise the 12mil gold would just go into walls.

I had two book of spells, one from season pass and the other in my inventory. If I don’t use a book now, I will need to sell one for 50 gems which is always not worth it. TH13 only has 3 spell upgrades: heal, jump and skeleton spells. Despite never using the jump spell, I decided to upgrade it instead of skeleton spell.

After that, I bought the $5 pack for the 500 gems and the free elixir. I needed this elixir to complete my next troop upgrade.

Used a book of fighting and now yetis are maxed. I will not be able to use them much

I used a hammer of fighting here to skip my healer upgrade and now they’re maxed. Its bs that healers only get 8 extra heal to heroes and no extra troop heal. I understand how good pekka/yeti smash with just TH12 troops, but its stupid to gain nothing when you upgrade to TH13 which makes dipping so hard. As a high level, I should be able to just use a simple farming army and just erase a TH12 without thought, otherwise why should I suffer a 20% loot penalty?

That’s why giga inferno should just block heals and can ignore freeze spell so that players cannot just use pekkas and completely ignore the giga inferno. That way, TH13 is far stronger and we would need stronger healers and pekka to keep up with the defense boost.

On a separate point, although yetis were a more expensive upgrade and should’ve gotten the hammer, it wouldn’t matter because I used a rune below and would have the same outcome either way.

I decided to use a rune of elixir so that I could complete one more troop in this sequence, otherwise I would’ve stopped with healers and not use a book. I thought that it was better to spam these books and get more troops done so that I can perform better in the next CWL.

Of course, dragons, hogs and bowlers are important too, but I want to upgrades troops that I generally use more and I think I can finish those 3 troops before the Feb CWL season.

I then spent another $10 like a gemmer I am to get the extra gold and book of building. I kept the book and spent the gold + the free book I got today to instantly complete my Eagle artillery to lvl4.

Looking through my upgrades, the scattershot lvl2 would probably provide more value but eagle lvl4 costed more I decided to upgrade it instead. My base is getting crushed hard on defense, so I might need to switch to another base or resign to the fact that TH13 is pathetic.

I need to farm 10mil elixir in the next 2 days to upgrade grand warden. Farming elixir is a really tough task and I think I will switch back to barch soon since I don’t need so much DE anymore, or I might switch between both armies and getting the best of both worlds by farming a ton. I am going to farm like a madman to max out both RC and warden, then being a filthy gemmer, I am going to gem those upgrades whenever I farm enough loot.


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