Warden going to lvl45 now. I’m only one month away from maxed warden, if I don’t use gems. However, I will definitely start using gems from this week onward so I expect to max him out around new year time. It will only take 60mil elixir to max him and the 25mil from season bank will drop it to 35mil. If all goes well, he should be maxed before 7th Jan.

I was about to retire for the day, but then I thought I should spend my DE before it gets stolen.

RC going to lvl13 now and she will be harder to max out. Warden will only cost at most 6k gems to max out, which can be reduced substantially with builder potions and proper planning. RC still has 7 levels and that would cost almost 7k gems as well. The DE provided by season bank will only give one level and she will compete with BK for DE needs. She will probably complete around 15-20th of Jan as a result.

I need to farm another 120k DE in 1.5 days now for BK lvl69. This shouldn’t be an issue. I am currently traveling but still able to do 15-20 raids per day. I can keep my builders

Attack log:

Using barch again has been really liberating. The margin of error for barch is quite high, allowing me to gain profit even in some “failed” raids. Miners on the other hand can lead to negative elixir if I don’t raid properly and that has caused my some headache a few days before.

The profit margin of barch is huge. I just need to get 50-60% destruction in M1-2 to gain the elixir cost of barch and everything is profit. Barch + spells actually cost less than miners without spells! With barch, I actually farmed 7mil elixir easily by casual farming today. DE isn’t bad too, easily 100k+ at the same time.

Walls more than half way done. They will be maxed after warden. For now, my wall farming speed will be cut in half because I will gem GW every time I get enough elixir and won’t spend elixir on walls until he is maxed.


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