Barch is simply amazing for TH13, I never seen my loot go up so quickly with miners and sometimes my elixir even went backwards with miners. People keep praising and worshipping miners, but I just can’t make it work at TH12/13 without warden. Even at TH10/11, the exorbitant elixir cost makes it inferior.

I’m using QW barch which has appropriate strength for TH12/13 because I don’t have warden. If you’re a TH13 with lvl60+ AQ, you can choose to just use QW barch and book all AQ levels. This account has maxed healers, maxed miners and max heroes, yet I cannot feel the difference with TinySin who has TH12 troops. They really need to make each level feel significant, otherwise players are now realizing that TH13 is no more than TH12.25

Managed to farm enough DE to upgrade BK again. I used 2 builder potions today to skip 18 hours because I was impatient. Once these 6 days are up, my BK will be maxed, as I will just gem the timer. He won’t help much in my raids in barch nor miners so I’m not being too excited that he’s done. BK is just used to cut a funnel or rush into the core. Both roles cause him to die in one raid and I cannot use him for the second raid. With only at most 50% up time, he isn’t that good for farming anyway.

I’m more excited to spend all my DE on RC after he is maxed. Currently at least 33% of all my DE goes to BK and it will change afterwards. I might even use the spare DE to upgrade hogs or bowlers in the lab.

Because of the superior elixir gain of barch, I managed to farm enough elixir in one day to upgrade GW again. With the 2 builder potions I used earlier today, I only need to spend gems to skip 4 days of upgrade time. If I didn’t have the league shop, I would seriously buy builder potions from the trader because the 285 gem cost is quite justified if you are spending gems to skip upgrades anyway.

Warden to lvl46! He’ll be maxed very soon.

My clan did much better in clan games now because we got a few more active players and a few more rushers. If you guys want, the clan is available for you to join as we want to grow stronger. I used to reject other players who want to join because it was a family and friends clan but now that they are less active, they are keen for fresh blood.

My reward choices are quite obvious, all gem choices with useful magic items. I didn’t choose rune of gold because I found it hard to use it and ended up only using it to upgrade 3 walls. I need to use a book otherwise gold/elixir rune can only be used for walls. This is my dilemma for season bank loot as well, the 25/25mil is mostly used for walls because I sometimes don’t save books for upgrades. Normally, upgrading walls isn’t much of an issue, but if I had maxed walls it would mean 7-14 days of capped loot.

I also now have an extra book of everything and I did a little fail here by collecting the book of heroes from clan games beforehand. It is a problem because I have another book of everything from the season pass which is unclaimed, I need to use it soon otherwise it would be wasted. You used to be able to use this book anywhere you like, but now you have to use up your current book of building/fighting/spell/hero before you can use a book of everything. I originally planned to turn this book into a book of heroes but now I have an extra from clan games which I plan to use for season bank loot.

The best way to use it now is to skip my lab upgrade because I don’t have a book of fighting. I just need to farm to 11.2mil elixir to start the next upgrade (balloons).

Based on my tracker, I will max my lab in just another 3.5 months while builders will actually take 3.8 months. I don’t actually need to spam books and hammers to finish my lab asap because it is no longer my bottleneck. I will try to buy as many builder potions/hammer of buildings to cut down on builder time now.

Upgrades going well now. I have 3.5 days to farm up a full DE tank but I don’t need such a long time. I can spam builder potions to get my builder free earlier so that I can hasten my RC progress. She is my current main bottleneck right now and I am keen to complete my set of heroes.

Simple barch farming and the rune of gold has helped my wall progress significantly. With just 42 walls to go, I can most likely finish my walls before mid Jan. I hope to complete heroes around that time as well.

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