Because of my excess book of everything, I need to use it on my lab. I can only skip 8 days here but it’s better than wasting a book.

With that, I can claim my next book from the season pass and I plan to skip another hero or builder upgrade with it.

This is a pretty sad level for the wallbreaker because you still cannot one shot th9 walls which is absurd. The only thing you can do with this level is 2 shot th11 walls, no wonder it’s no longer used these days. They need to allow higher level wb to easily wreck lower level walls. I expect th13 wb to at least be able to one shot th11 walls and 2 shot th12 walls.

Even balloons have not escaped from supercell’s ruthless campaign against th13 troops. Balloons went from 50% growth in th9 to 20-30% growth in th11/12 then now a piss poor 8% from the previous level. This is why I left them behind as I maxed almost every other th13 troop. Now that it’s between loons and drags, I chose to upgrade loons first.

I’ve explained my stand extensively in my old posts here and this reddit post below why this balancing is really bad :

Nothing much except that I have upgraded two more storages. No hero upgrades so far but I’ve been farming hard to get the necessary resources for champ and warden. I can still farm a ton of de with barch so I don’t need miners at all really. Given my activity level, I’m farming de faster on this account compared to Tiny.

18 hours to go till the next RC level and I have the de for her ready. At lvl13, she will need 6 weeks before she’s maxed. I’m trying to get her to lvl15 soon so that I can use books to skip her 7.5 day timer. It’s slightly more efficient that way, 7.5 VS 7 days skipped. Warden lvl46 and above also costs 7.5 days which is a prime candidate for books as well.