RC going to lvl14 right before the season bank payout. I might need to gem her a few times in the beginning of the season after I spend the bank on BK. Once she reaches lvl15, her time cost will justify using books then I hope to max her in mid Jan. My estimates are getting earlier and earlier as I count how much I can farm and how many gems I am willing to spend.

Even after upgrading my RC, my DE is 1/3 full and I just need a little more for the next RC level. As I am typing this one day after, I already have 210k+ DE and 250k pending from season bank. With BK at lvl69, I will prioritize him first before dumping the rest of the DE into RC.

I’m surprised that we don’t have more lv69 nice posts in reddit with lvl69 heroes, I wonder if the mods are deleting those. Good thing we have less shit posts now.

I have two days left in my builder timers and season bank will be released in only 24 hours. This means that I will need to spend gems or spam some builder potions to spend that loot asap. The latter option is more likely.

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