I boosted my builders for 3 hours, skipping 27 hours of time so that I have builders for this day – season bank payout. I originally wanted to save up all my resources to be used after the season bank payout, but then I thought that I could just complete the upgrades while I still have the 20% discount, then start another upgrade after I get the season bank loot.

With that, now I’m have a maxed BK to use in every raid! I’m sure I won’t feel the difference in BK strength after just 5 levels, but at least having him means that I can get a few more % occasionally or punch deeper into bases. He actually grows faster than AQ but because he’s just a beat-stick (or a spare pekka), people really don’t realize his contribution in raids. He’s still not underrated though, because the other 3 heroes are so much stronger. I have no idea how to make him stronger except giving him much stronger stats to utilize.

I then spent my spare gold to upgrade and book my 2nd scattershot. This means that both of my scattershots are maxed. They’re powerful, but they really need support otherwise healers still shrug them off. Its crazy how SC loves hero walks these days and even 2 maxed scattershots do nothing against 15 healer attacks. People also somehow bring 3-6 freeze these days and its crazy how overpowered freeze is.

I then spent all my spare elixir on GW to lvl47, its sad that he gains nothing upon level up. I still don’t know why I spend books on him. I now have 2 spare builders waiting for season bank.

After getting the season bank, its important to figure out how to get the 10% builder boost asap. This season, we need 120 points to get the discount.

The main reason of getting the discount is for the 10% time discount otherwise you actually waste all your time starting upgrades right after getting season bank. Here’s why:

  • Imagine you are doing a 10 day upgrade. Without the discount, it will take 10 days, duh. Let’s say you start this upgrade now with the loot. At any point in the next 24 hours, if you unlock the discount, it will become 9 days. This means whatever time spent on this upgrade is null because the timer will be reset to 9 days.
  • I hope this example is clear, but if anyone can explain it better, please do so in the comments.

For this account, I dropped 500 trophies while hunting enemy heroes to get the 1000 hero level task. (Picture taken from Tinysin which does not represent main)

Using another book, warden is now going to lvl49. Whenever I get another 15mil elixir, I can gem him and book his final level. After maxing him, I can really use whatever army I like and still make a decent profit without worrying about elixir. I will then most probably blitz my walls with a spare builder then climb to champs/titans to farm gold solely for defenses.

With my last builder, I started my first inferno upgrade. I really don’t have anywhere else to use my builders now so I will now upgrade 2-3 defenses while working on heroes and storage. Once warden is maxed, I will also start upgrading barracks so that I can train yetis in a reasonable amount of time.

2 days to the next builder, I will most likely use 3 more builder potions so that I can spend my gold tomorrow. My DE is especially precarious and if necessary I will use up to 6 builder potions to skip the RC wait or just gem her outright. The problem with using builder potions now is that I don’t have enough heroes upgrading (too many of them are maxed), so it is only borderline efficient to use builder potions.

After warden is maxed, all my league medals will be spent on hammer of buildings to skip defenses.

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