Saw this offer from the trader and decided to buy it, it would save me around 200-300 gems this way.

I gemmed by RC first because it would only cost 387 gems, using a BoH here would be dumb and a waste of gems.

RC going to lvl15 and now she can destroy a more defenses when she using her ability. I still think that seeking shield should do more damage because most defenses have more hp than its damage. If defenses are not destroyed, they’re as good as not damaged.

I then became a p2w pleb and bought the elixir + DE pack. Its not a really good use of money, because the only thing free here is the resource and BoH for $5 is just normal price. $5 = 500 gems, 500 gems = BoH. But I was really keen to complete my warden so I just bought it.

Completed warden lvl49

And now warden is complete. He’s exactly the same as lvl40, but its so good to have him back especially for barch. With 400 hp barbs, they can now gut and core bases with ease. In fact, barch + GW is far stronger than miners

I then bought another offer with 3 books for $10 which is also quite a deal. With the extra BoH, I can now upgrade RC again.

RC going to lvl16 now and I only need to farm another 945k DE to max her out, its so close now! I am seriously tempted to buy a hammer to instantly complete her, and with a rune of DE available, that would cut down my DE requirements to 400k! Is it worth it to sacrifice 16 days of progress + 45 medals for the final RC level? I’m seriously contemplating, because with her maxed I can do anything I want.

Before that, I bought a hammer of building first

Additionally, I have maxed my entire builder base too, yay! I still need to complete 2 days of loot bonus to get the season pass points though, so I will continue playing it for another 2 days.

Attack log (barch is mad):

28k DE per hour!

Seriously, barch is crazy with a lvl40 warden so I now recommend people to not upgrade warden so much so quickly as a new TH13. Unless you have a lower level warden who needs more attention, having a lvl30-40 warden means that you don’t need to worry too much about him in the beginning of TH13. Once RC is maxed, you can slowly upgrade him and use RC to farm.

Given what I know about TH13 now, I think having 50/50/20 heroes is a good idea then you don’t need to worry too much about heroes while you farm using QW + barch.

I plan to upgrade another elixir storage in 21 hours and start my 3rd inferno in 1.5 days.

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