Bought and used a hammer of building. Now that I have most of my heroes maxed, buying builder potions is not worth it.

Attack log is attached later in the post.

I farmed on average 30-40k DE per hour unboosted with just simple barch. Its all about knowing how the army works. The profit margin of barch is just insane so its really hard to fail badly with barch. As long as you get a good portion of the loot, its always a great win.

With some more farming, I managed farm enough DE to upgrade RC lvl17.

At this point, I calculated that I only need to farm 2 more RC upgrades then I can use a rune of DE to complete lvl20. With that, I was really motivated to continue farming and gemming the timer.

These two pictures were taken the next day where I farmed enough

Attack logs: (imgur external link)

QW barch is simply amazing for farming and I recommend players to focus on AQ early so that you can enjoy this afterwards. I think for most players, getting lvl50 AQ in TH11 is a good idea because you don’t need QW for the additional punch. The problem with using QW barch is that it can be addictive and you will find it hard to upgrade AQ once you get used to the attack. This is why I keep recommending you guys to keep AQ upgrading at all times so that you don’t get used to having her. Once you start using QW barch, it is almost impossible to stop.

Once I started her lvl18 upgrade, I only need to farm another 238k more before RC is maxed.

Spamming gems, spent almost 3k gems in minutes.

I was so excited to get RC maxed and being able to use her in every single raid.

RC maxed!! Finally have all heroes maxed!

Yeah, maxed heroes! I can now finally use them in all raids and don’t need to worry about DE anymore. I still need to farm a ton of elixir to max out my walls (21 remaining) so I will need to use a DE or barch army to max out walls within this week. I need to farm 6mil gold/day to keep my builders upgrading though, so I still need to farm a little bit for another 3 months before I’m maxed again.

Base looking nice, I love the TH13 aesthetic. TH13 upgrades are mainly for beauty’s sake so I’ll still upgrade them. Too bad their stats get no change, which is why we see so many TH13s falling to TH12 attacks and still seeing a lot of TH13 failing to 3 star TH12s.

If SC refuses to increase the amount of defenses, we need at least 30% increase to help out TH13.

Also, I will stop posting daily blogs on SinOfDusk and do it weekly instead. For TinySin, I will try and post daily.


  1. Hi,
    I’m wondering how much I can rush as a TH11.

    Your guide says to wait until at least Warden is maxed. Right now, my Warden is at 12, and I have most of my offense (troop upgrades and army camps) upgraded, and I also have a book of building ready. So I’m wondering if upgrading to TH12 now would be too early.


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