I’ve destroyed 40 scattershots so far and I still have no idea how to really deal with them. I just rage and freeze them so far and that’s how most are destroyed. I guess its a troop issue, they will just tear through hogs, barbs, loons and miners which means these troops are much harder to use in TH13 which is what we’re seeing right now. Now seeing scattershots in action, I think they need a slight buff because they’re not doing anything to queen walk. Maybe 200-220 dps is fair, then buff all TH13 troops by an appropriate amount.

Used a hammer here to max out my giga inferno since its one of the longer upgrades. Not sure if the 8 second slow will actually help much because it is only activated once I lose the defense. Shouldn’t the slow and giga bomb be activated while the TH is still alive? So that it can actually defend itself from being destroyed? Once its destroyed, you’ve lost the defense anyway so what’s the point of the late activation?

I dislike this base really, a lot of people can just take the TH including 330k gold and leave without giving me a shield. I’ve switched to a different base by now, but itzu’s base is quite awful in low leagues. The TH itself is incredibly weak for defense but it destroys the enemy army after it is destroyed, so leaving it alone like that is a great way for people to get 25-29% 1 stars and leave me with no shield. I can actually lose more than 800k-1mil gold per night if I am unlucky. I’d rather have lvl1 defenses and get 3 starred on the first defense.

I used a book previously to upgrade my hog riders to max then used my spare elixir to upgrade the siege barracks to lvl2. At this rate, I will max lab in just 2 months!

I currently only need one level on bowlers, drags, skeleton traps and 3 levels in siege barracks. Its quite amazing that I can max lab so fast into the TH13 cycle, but that’s because I had quite a few books and there weren’t many TH13 troop upgrades. I would likely use a book to complete bowlers next then start dragons to max, followed by book for skeleton trap then lvl3 siege barracks followed by lvl4 siege barracks. If I get another book of fighting, the time required to max lab would reduce to 52 days which is really crazy.

I’ve really slowed down on walls after maxing my heroes, only completed 9 walls the past week compared to 20 per week before maxing heroes. I switched to miners which really killed elixir progress and focused much more on my alt account to max out its heroes. This meant that I didn’t focus too much on this account and subsequently wall progress stalled.

I usually only use barch on one account especially on new TH levels, because dead bases are harder to find and I sometimes just raid non-stop between both accounts because it takes 5min to find a dead base.

Raid on Sin > 5 min > raid on Tiny > 5min > raid on Sin > 5 min > raid on Tiny > 5 min > Sin’s first barch army has completed training > raid on Sin > raid on Tiny

Farming like that is a little too intense for me right now since I’m busy with work so I just use miners on this account and farm far slower for now. At least walls are getting done, I might max walls next week so that would mean overflowing storages soon.


  1. Did you ever finish that barch guide? I’ve noticed your’re a very skilled barch farmer, I would love to learn some tips and tricks from the very best, Thank You.


  2. About your note on giga bomb not being useful because you’ve already lost the defense… I and many others consider a two star to be a successful defense, and the giga bomb definitely helps prevent triples


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