Relocation Expert/Elixir Mixer/Golden Speed/Dark Star

Now that I’m working in Australia and changed my location, the prices have been changed to Aus Dollars (AUD) which is generally 3x the exchange rate of Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). Given that things cost $1.49/$4.49/$7.79, I’m confused with their actual cost in MYR and USD. In general, I think things are more expensive now that I’ve moved if you consider dollar-to-dollar but overall cheaper if you consider my income and expenses.

I’m earning the same amount here but in different currency. For example, if I earned RM1000 back in Malaysia, I’m earning the same AUD1,000 here in Australia. One Big Mac in Malaysia is RM10 and it costs AUD10 here in Australia as well so my income is basically the same. However, electronics, cars and in-game purchases have become cheaper because I’m earning in a more powerful currency. If a phone costed RM1,000 in Malaysia, it will cost about AUD400-500 which is overall cheaper considering my income. Hope that last paragraph made sense.

I had to open the gem shop to orientate myself with the new prices. Basically AUD1.50 = USD1, AUD8 = USD5, AUD15 = USD10.

Overall, these 4 deals above aren’t too great to speak about. I would save your money for the gold pass instead. If you really have the spare money to spend, the best pack out of the 4 is probably Golden Speed which sells builder potions for regular price and gives 6mil gold for free. You save a total of 90/108 hours which is approximately half a book. Since a regular book costs 925 gems from the trader, getting half a book for the price of 500 gems is ok-ish value. I would say only buy it if you have the spare money, I personally will not buy it.

Elixir Mixer is completely worthless because buying elixir is not a good use of money. The shovel is only good if you like moving your obstacles, but you get enough from the gold pass that its not a good spend.

Dark Star is selling the 100k DE for USD$10 and giving you a BoH for free. I would rather spend $10 to buy 1200 gems then buying 2 BoH from the trader instead. Not worth it.

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