Despite the amount of idiots we find in reddit and the game in general, I do think that we have made some significant ground and people are seeing how good rushing is. These days, most people will recommend upgrading their TH once a resource is maxed which is a great leap forward. In the past,

Most of you may not realize it, but the forums are now actually quite pro-rushing because of a few top forum players who realize how good rushing is after engineering and CWL. Unlike die-hard maxers in reddit, people in the forums have tried rushing and found how good it is, then encouraging newer players to think when to upgrade their town hall instead of dumb maxing. Just read the following thread entirely, there’s a warm and fuzzy feeling when you see forum veterans recommend good strategies.

There are still a few players who oppose it, but they are the minority now. Can you screw up by rushing? Not likely, but people like to blame rushing when they cannot do well rather than other factors like activity and poor planning. In fact, doing the math, even dumb rushing is far better than full maxing. Even if you have lvl4 barch at TH13, you can eventually catch up and beat a maxer who plays level by level.

Maxing is guaranteed to set you back but you cannot see the harm it does unless you compare a maxer account to a rusher one side-by-side in terms of time. However, most maxers cannot comprehend doing that, they think a maxer TH9 is always better than a rusher TH9. If you want to be fair, you must compare by the amount of time they have played, so a maxer TH9 needs to be compared 1v1 against a rushed TH11/12 because it takes the same amount of time to make those bases.

I’m starting work for real tomorrow and it seems that I might have the time to play 2 accounts this year. I will start my new account either in Feb or May depending when I am bored and if I have the enthusiasm to play the game. I will set up 1v1 friendly challenges against both accounts to see who is ultimately stronger from month to month.

TH13 has been quite disappointing so far and my interest in the game is waning. SC has stated that they wanted to create a new “end-game content” in the near future which I hope gives advantages to being a high level. Anyway, my activity levels will drop once I max heroes and walls on my accounts and just play casually to upgrade defenses till max. After that “semi-retirement”, I might have the interest to start two new accounts again to compare their progress, which might happen in May. If I get terribly bored in Feb and still have a ton of interest in the game, I will just start the two accounts then.


  1. I think that CWL probably changed a lot of minds. suddenly having a bunch of max TH9s in a CWL seemed pretty silly when rushed th12 wee just smoking them anyways.

    Thanks for your guides. I was almost maxed th9 (when th10 was cap) and quit the game for a bit. When I cam back I more or less rushed to 12. mostly maxxed 10 but thats because I was practically there after 9 and rushed through 11 into 12 (basically as my GW was under construction to be 20)

    hopefully you can update your th12 guide a bit, but ill be comfortably chugging away on th12 for a while before jumping to 13, lots of hero levels.


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