With my main account, I was able to farm enough gold to fully utilize the book of building to skip a 13+ day upgrade. I only need another 2 months before I am maxed so I’m quite looking forward to that. Hopefully SC will be ready with their endgame content, but I don’t really know if I will like it. If it is something competitive, I probably won’t like or focus on it much. SC needs to add another new way to progress in the game, maybe artifacts or things which we can unlock that greatly increases our strength? But that would go against esports and CWL.

Was forced to use a book so that I can claim a second book from event rewards. Now I still have 2 book of buildings, one in storage and one in gold pass. With these boosts, I can max out faster.

Now that I spent all my loot, I need to farm back to full in 2 days to keep upgrading stuff. DE is full now so I am using a DE bowler-based army, quite easy to get 3 stars using that army but BK and RC keep dying every single raid.

Walls nearly maxed now but its not a real rush to finish it. Once walls are maxed, resource management is going to be quite easy with overflowing loot throughout.

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