This is one of my longest upgrades which cost 17 days without discount, I plan to use a book here

More magic items to follow:

Used a rune here to upgrade another building after spending all my gold on an air defense.

Its funny how the biggest increase to bowlers for lvl5 is its cost! I don’t understand why SC is so obsessed about increasing cost. TH11+ troops always gain the most in cost and not in actual hp/dps. If SC just balances the cost increase with strength increase, it would actually make TH11+ more balanced instead of the shit show we have right now.

See dragons have the same pattern as well.

Tons of upgrades done and now my base is about 2 months away from maxing again. I actually only have 16 non-trap upgrades remaining to start and I’ll be done with defenses. Traps will be much easier

My builders are now reasonably well separated except for that 4 days gap between the AD and cannon upgrade. I will just upgrade my 4th and final barracks after the next one completes and it will fill into that gap.

The tracker and graph in is really amazing. It allows me to graph all my upgrades so that I can ensure a good gap between each builder. I actually used to use real, physical graph paper to do such things because heroes always cost 7 days and I need to slot everything else into other builders to ensure that I always get one free builder daily.

Attack log:

Loot seems good using bowitch, but when I compare loot earned per day, I earn far more using Tiny with just QW barch. This is because I can squeeze in more raids every morning and evening. I wake up 2 hours before work and can do at max 4 raids with this account and 8 raids on Tiny. I’m earning at least 600k per raid in Tiny after loot bonus and only around 900k per raid in this account, its not hard to see how Tiny can beat this account with maxed heroes in high leagues.

Defense log:

Is loot retention good? Who knows and who cares. Defense contributes to nothing anyway and I’m still losing tons of loot despite being a near maxed TH13.


  1. Hi, thank you so much for your guides. I have some questions. How many accounts do you have? I only found sinofdusk and tinysin but I can’t find minisin. How much you have spended on tinysin? How many attacks do you do in one day on both accounts.

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