Started pushing on this account and stop once I reach legends, I can probably just do 2-3 raids per/day to keep all my builders busy.

Its funny to see people complaining about legends in the forums and everyone bashing the person. Those people in legends are not farmers at all, when you read “I have enough loot that sometimes I need to dump loot into walls”. Wait, does that mean that you generally don’t upgrade walls? The loot in legends pales in comparison to lower leagues and you cannot raid twice every time you login. Given that, I actually cannot raid 8 times per day because I need to wait almost one hour between raids for hero regeneration.

On the other hand, I can easily raid 10-15 times in Masters using QW barch because I can raid twice every 40 min which leads to far greater loot per hour and per day with the same activity level in Titans/legends. I’m easily earning 500-800k each per raid in Masters and raiding twice means that Legends need at least 1mil/raid to breakeven with Masters. Its not even a fair comparison.

Maxed walls! That’s why I am keen to push, with maxed walls I don’t need to farm much anymore to keep builders busy so farming in legends will be a lazy way to do so. I only need gold now because both lab and heroes are maxed with defenses remaining. I still need almost 2 months to max out TH13.

Two and a half days to my next builder so I’m just raiding a few times a day to overfill my storages. I just need to keep this gap between builders until I finish all my defenses. I will leave traps for last because of their short duration. I’m also deliberately neglecting a few 16-17 day upgrades to the end before traps so that I can use books/hammers to instantly complete those.

If you leave defenses last, you may have 2-5 idle builders in the end while you have 2 week upgrades pending. By leaving traps last, I will only have idle builders for 1-3 days while waiting for my final builders to complete.

Edit/Add on:

Forgotten to insert this picture when writing this post. But hoorah, my walls are maxed. Now I can do whatever I want with my resources and only farm gold for 6 defense upgrades.


  1. Are you attacking only dead bases to get that 500-800k with QW barch, or active bases too? If active bases too, what’s your general approach to the attack? Thanks.


    • Generally mostly dead bases, but my 700-800k hits are mainly semi-active bases with full storages and collectors. You need a good QW, which can solo 50-60% of the base by herself, then add barch + warden to destroy the remainder. Barch under warden is actually stronger than miners


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