Used a hammer to max out yeti so that I have the choice to use them in CWL. I highly doubt any more of my upgrades would make crushing TH12 easier, its really sad that SC is so bad at balancing that maxed TH13 still need planning to crush their lower level. The gap between TH levels are getting smaller as I previously predicted and these days people notice it as well.

Instantly maxed out dragons for my second lab troop complete. With low elixir, what should I do?

Used a rune to max out my elixir storages then collected my extra rune from season pass.

Upgraded a jump spell to max and used another book of spells to instantly complete it. I then collected my extra book of spells from season pass.

Now with the last bit of elixir I have remaining, I upgraded my battle blimp to lvl2. I chose this upgrade instead of anything else because the time fits nicely with the end of season pass.

My season pass ends in 4d19h and I will need to use a few research potions to get the lab time nearer to the season bank payout. I also made a mistake here by claiming the clan game rewards instead of claiming the free book from my season pass. This means that my BoF from season pass will expire in 4d19h. I will need to complete my lab upgrade before it expires so that I can use a book right before season bank payout. Looking at my remaining lab upgrades, I will most likely upgrade bowlers + book then wait for season bank payout to upgrade giants lvl8 + book then

When you read this post, I would’ve already spent my book and utilized season bank loot. I’m just showing my line of thought in terms of planning so that you guys can learn and emulate.

Funny to say, I will need 4 research potions to help me get my lab in order. I still think that research potions need a buff especially when compared to books. Builder potions also need a buff or at least be cheaper in the league shop. 15 medals were too good for TH12 standards, so maybe 20 medals would be a much fairer price for builder potions. Research potions need a double buff. A discount to 20 medals first and at least double or triple their effect so that they are competitive when compared to books/hammers.

This would make builder potions skip 324 hours compared to hammer’s 432 hours which would be much more competitive in terms of pricing. Of course builder potions would be superior for TH1-12 as well which I think would make most of the players more happy. Given that hammers skip resources as well, it would still be a reasonable pick for casual players.

Research potion would then give a 30x boost for 1 hour which is a 29 hour boost, meaning each research potion would skip more than a day. With hammers giving 432 hours, research potion would skip 29*6 = 174 hours. Its still far far inferior, but at least it is usable for TH8-10 and would actually buff maxers such that they can skip those bottlenecks. In the end, smart rushers would still win because we can skip 16-18 day upgrades using hammers.

Base and BK looking good right now. Now just mostly finishing up defenses so that I can finally max out this account. It will take me another 4 months to max out and SC might release part 2 of TH13 for me to continue grinding. The current TH13 update only takes 3 months to max out so people would be bored in another 1-2 months. That means lengthening the grind for me in this account, but hopefully it would mean that TH13 would finally be slightly stronger than TH12.

Releasing content is actually a paradox in this game, but I will cover that in a separate post as this one is already ungodly long.

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