Busy working on lab again on main account. I need to use my last book of spells here to complete my final spell upgrade.

Used another book here to get my siege barracks to lvl3 because its my final troop left to upgrade.

I must then wait almost 13 days to complete the final level of siege barracks and that would mean I have a maxed lab. As I predicted, they have become a staple siege machine despite all the blow back they received when they were released.

I’ve actually seen my clan mates using this for CWL attacks to help them funnel electros into the base and crush enemies. This + BK auto funnels one corner while AQ funnels the other. Seriously, SC needs this sort of noob-aids to help with the majority of the population so that they can win when they have the TH advantage. A lot of players are extremely disheartened when lower levels can easily hit up and their well developed base cannot auto-win against lower levels. Its the lack of strength increase and progression which really kills motivation for many players. Why grind when there’s no reward at the end?

They seriously need to limit siege donations now, seeing how they refused to release lvl4 of all other siege because they would be absolutely broken for TH10. Day one of TH12, wall wreckers were immediately served with a nerf because TH10 were saying they were too broken. SC used them in maxed TH12 battles and they were balanced on release, but low levels complained and they were nerfed. SC seriously needs to stop doing such stupid things, balance should be established at higher levels and ignore low levels completely.

The easiest way as I have always said is to just limit donations to lower levels. Lvl1 siege should be maxed for TH10, lvl2 for TH11 and lvl3 for TH12. This would prevent TH15 donating lvl6 siege and allowing TH10 to crush TH12 easily. The gap between TH levels is so small that one day that would actually happen.

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