And my first mistake this season:

I got my season bank loot and immediately blew 280k into bowlers and bringing them to max. The problem here was that I didn’t wait for the 10% discount which was actually achievable for me on day one. Given that, I wasted 28k DE which could’ve been spent on my BK to max him out. I’ll only consider it as a minor mistake as I could easily farm 28k DE in less than an hour but it could’ve been much worse. After upgrading bowlers, I decided not to upgrade another troop until I unlocked the discount because of the time cost which would be a bigger mistake.

Also notice how bad the upgrade was, the biggest increase to bowlers lvl5 was its cost. Its stupid that SC can ask us to pay for our troops and increase their cost massively. It would actually be more balanced if everything increases proportionally to the price. It would make lvl5 bowlers 25% stronger than lvl4 instead of the stupid 7% to dps and 10.5% to hp. I would say the actual growth of bowler needs to be greater to offset the warden. TH12 troops + warden should be around the same strength of TH13 troops without warden. That would make things far more balanced and allow higher levels to hit down without heroes.

Proposed bowler balancing:

BowlersOld HPNew HPOld DPSNew DPS
Lvl1290no change60no change
Lvl2310no change70no change
Lvl3350no change80no change

Lvl4 bowlers get +40% hp so that TH12 bowlers would be as strong as TH11 without warden. Lvl9 gets another 60% so that their hp and dps are significantly stronger than TH12. Adding warden, TH12 bowlers would have 931 hp and TH13 bowlers would have 1245hp. This would make things more balanced instead of the stunted growth bowlers get right now. It would not be broken because all defenses and troops would get the same treatment. 1245 hp bowlers might be broken? Not if multi infernos deal 150 dps and xbows deal 280 dps. If everything grows, the balance would remain relatively stable except that TH13 would be far stronger than TH12 so that we can dip far more easily than the current stupid system.

Sad for me that the gold pass now costs A$8 which was more than expensive compared to my old price. Oh well, at least I’m earning more.

Finally, tiny has maxed walls and now I don’t need to farm much anymore.

Maxed an xbow using a hammer.

Booked a second xbow and now I have two done.

Doing so allowed me to complete two builder upgrades and unlock the 10% research discount.

Wizard tower seems like it gets a large improvement, but its growth only 25% for two levels! It should grow more than that per level which would make it more balanced. In fact, its growth is all over the place TH11 gets +12 dps but TH12/13 regressed to only +8. If WT had 120 dps for example, it wouldn’t be too strong if bowlers have 900 hp.

I wanted to upgrade BK but I wasted 28k on bowlers just now so I have to farm another 50k in 16 hours to afford his final level. Oh well, a one day delay isn’t too bad.

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