TH12 guide updated! Please go and have a view below:

TH12 upgrade priority guide

Yet again, I have maxed my heroes on this account. This is the third time it has happened and I’m relieved. Now I can do whatever I like and still farm enough for defenses.

Despite having good strength increase and some decent iron fist boost in lvl70, I still cannot feel the difference of having my BK. Its quite tragic actually, being the 4th strongest hero despite getting one of the greatest strength increases in TH13. I’m seriously not sure how should we buff the BK, but being barely better than a pekka is quite bad for a hero. Considering that AQ can solo 30-60% of a base by herself, its really hard for BK to compete.

Now I have no more use of book of heroes and I will sell quite a few. We still need a rebalancing of warden now that he has 50 levels and lvl1-60 heroes probably need a reduction in time cost so that newer players can catch up and my TH11 guide would be more useful. Getting lvl20 warden is quite a huge chore for newer players so I think a rebalancing is due. The same treatment as AQ/BK would be the best, so that you only need 3-4 months to bring him to lvl40 which would be functionally maxed instead of the current 5+ months.

This is what my lab looks like. With just 15.5 months of play, I have multiple maxed meta armies to use and have no real impediment in all strategies that I want to use. The only change I would make is to max out hog riders rather than bowlers with my Feb season bank loot.

This reflects efficient optimized book usage, sacrificing certain troops and prioritizing the most important troops. Troops are only useful if they are maxed so you either max them out or leave them at level 1. This is why I have so many lvl1 troops and it is definitely better to have 10 lvl1 troops and 3 maxed troops than to have 13 low level non-maxed troops. By rushing, I also use books to skip 14-18 day upgrades which are way more effective than wasting many books at lower levels.

Picture of my base due tomorrow.


  1. I have my heroes 70/70/46/20, should I invest my gems on buying BoH for the warden? os just wait for clan games/pass/events BoH to finish it and pool my gems for next update?



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