This is now one day after maxing heroes and I’m nearly reaching titans for the first time for this account. Honestly, I don’t understand why people want to climb as a low level. There’s no additional reward for climbing and thankfully there isn’t. Being a high level makes climbing so easy that I wonder why do people want to do so at lower levels.

Imo, they should abolish loot penalty when people climb to higher leagues. It makes no sense for a low level to climb into the big boys zone and we cannot smash them for profit. Above 3200 (at most 4100), there should be zero TH-based matchmaking and no loot penalty at all. This would mean that TH9s that venture into the wilderness can be smashed by maxed TH13 and we would be rewarded appropriately. Seriously, champs and above should be like the wilderness or pvp zone of other games. TH9s should not be protected when they climb, it pampers them and we TH12/13 would never touch them.

It really irks me when low levels climb then upgrade their TH and get surprised when they are matched with higher TH levels. They then come and complain. Honestly, this shouldn’t happen because it makes people feel like they need to max out and this blatantly shows how it is bad to upgrade TH. If anything, SC should make you feel stronger everytime you upgrade your TH. It should be better to be a weak/rushed TH10 than to be a maxed TH9. The builder base balanced this correctly, now we just need to see the adjustment being made in the home base.

Now that I have maxed everything that is exciting, there remains very few things to upgrade. I am back at the point before TH13 was released, slowly grinding boring defenses until I am maxed. Defense is the most passive part of the game so upgrading them is really not fun. Furthermore, their growth is absolutely deplorable and you actually don’t need higher level defenses to protect yourself well.

Even if all my suggestions were implemented, offense would still be more fun than defenses so I don’t get why maxers get so anal and brain-dead about defenses.

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