I still can’t get rid of my elixir and DE because the only way to spend it now is via my army. I am actually donating all witches to my clan’s cwl cc but it seems like my DE cannot deplete. I hope that I can drain it off so that I can farm and fill my season bank. This is seriously a problem in legends, you don’t lose loot but you also cannot easily fill up your season bank.

I’m currently working on my final lab upgrade and my defenses are nearly done. The last things I need to upgrade now are stupid cannons, which gain only 6 dps on their final level which is less than 5% growth. Honestly, TH13 growth is so reliant on the new stuff that it is really bad for the progression of the game. If each and every upgrade is significant, it would lead to way more thought and strategy in upgrading stuff. SC is honestly being lazy in the way they introduce new stuff, growth is smaller and smaller each level.

Its so funny how idiots in reddit say “do you expect growth to be exponential?”. In fact, growth HAS been exponential from TH1-9 but it died down in TH10 and above. That is where balance started to go wrong and now in TH13 it has gone from bad to worse.

This is the list of remaining upgrades I have left before I max out TH13, its quite short and unlike Tiny, each upgrade only has one level remaining. It would only take me another 40 days before I’m done.

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