Wow, lvl17 archer towers are so amazingly bad. I don’t understand why SC wants to have 2 levels of cannons and AT each and every single TH level. This makes these defenses really bloated, not only they have the greatest amount, they also have the most amount of levels. Their growth are deplorable despite so many levels. In fact, it would be so much better for game balance if they just consolidate AT and cannons into less levels.

The only point of making more levels is to artificially prolong the grind. If SC really thought that AT and cannons are underpowered in each TH level, they would just readjust the numbers. Seriously, it never makes sense to add 2-3 levels per TH level.

Nothing much to comment on my base, just upgrading defenses. Going to TH12/13 early has some merit for the vastly increased storage space. It allows rushers like us to store far more loot which can be spent on walls or spread out farming.

I only need to farm 11mil in 3 days. It would be a one day task if I were in Masters but now I’m in titans so it will take at least 2 out of these 3 days.


  1. Hey, I love your guides. But I would like to know if you have some guide about farming, I always see you talking about that but every time I use barch i ended losing thousand of trophies (I think it is boring to climb since I don’t see much of advantage), I also don’t think farming with miners are the best option. Do you have already a guide about that or you intend to do that? Also, do you have any guide about wars and cwl as a rusher?


    • My guides incorporate CWL stuff, you only need good offense and reasonable defense to be better than maxing. War is just normal war, just join as is and you’re fine.

      Barch guide still in the works. Basically just use archers to snipe buildings, drop barch using the 4 finger technique. Bring some wb/minions to snipe and punch into bases. Sometimes lightning spells can be used to get the loot bonus


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