I’m now in mid titans slowly climbing to Legends. Has Titans treated me kindly? Getting 3 stars here is ridiculously easy, though harder than in Masters. Heroes sometimes survive raids so that I can raid twice per login. Loot here is pretty terrible unless I want to press next a lot, even then I generally only can find 500-600k bases. Coupled with the shield and guard time nerfs, titans is absolutely deplorable compared to Masters. Even if I want to use storage armies, Masters would yield more loot because there are 700-900k bases and my heroes generally don’t die in Masters, or my armies don’t rely on heroes as much.

Trying to get lvl2 siege barracks here so that I can donate maxed ones to my clan and myself. After this I need to upgrade wizards so that my own siege barracks can be used effectively. I currently only have lvl4 wizards and I want at least lvl5 for them to be usable.

Quite bad loot despite me using such a fast training army. If AQ dies, I’ll only average 1mil per hour. If both AQ and warden don’t die, can raid 3 times per hour and net 2.4mil gold in an hour. That sounds good until I tell you that I only earn 1.2mil elixir at the same time. With maxed walls, it isn’t an issue for me but that’s why most people don’t have maxed walls.

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