Started my day good with a 4 hour research boost. Luckily I got all these for free because they cost the same as a hammer which would instantly complete the upgrade! A 4 hour boost merely skips 36 hours of an upgrade which is a real bad deal considering that these research potions came from 2 months’ worth of free gifts. Its so much easier and impactful to use a book to instantly complete this upgrade.

Hammered my final air defense. I deliberately left a few expensive upgrades like this and air defenses so that they become viable targets for hammers and books while I finish up my defenses. Also, what a shitty 10% boost, we need at least the 5th AD and boosts to air troops to make TH13 good.

Finished another tesla.

I’ve run out of longer upgrades and the cannon becomes the longest upgrade I have remaining. Booked it and now I don’t have any gold remaining.

A rune solved that problem and now I finally ran out of magic items to use.

Spammed magic items on this day and was quick happy with the outcome. I am now really close to maxed TH13 which makes me excited. On the other hand, once I’m maxed there’s nothing really to strive for anymore which will make the game really boring. As is, since there are no more walls and heroes to farm, the game is already really boring.

Working on 4 cannons at once which are the last things I have remaining. Looking at my remaining upgrades, I still have one tesla and a cannon which I plan to use books to complete. I still need about 26 days to complete all my traps so I still have 4 weeks’ time to get 2 books to complete these long upgrades. Getting books is so easy so I will most probably not start these upgrades unless I get the books, hopefully I can get one from clan games.

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