Air defense growth is quite lackluster but that’s the only long upgrade I have left besides WT which are lower leveled. The only thing that helps with TH13 defense is the scattershot but that does nothing to edrags. AD could easily go to 500 dps while edrag, drag and hounds get greater hp boosts.



Then the 3rd and final upgrade today is my 3rd AD. I still have one more to go which can be done afterwards. No picture of my base today because I forgotten to take one.


  1. Hi Sin!

    Congratz for all the work you show for the community, really appreciated!

    As a good strategic rusher I have attack (troops and heroes) th13 maxed.

    But my defenses are as following:

    TH13 max: eagle, infernos, xbows, thlv5, scattershots
    TH12: all ADs, all teslas (i have this for using next 9 Book of buildings) and all traps

    rest is th8-9 (WT, AT, BT, sweepers, canon and mortar).

    Give that dps/builder time in lower th levels are stronger than higher ones and I have enough th13 long upgrades for books, should i upgrade the rest of the defenses horizontally (first all to th9, all to th10, and so on) or vertically according to strength (WT to max then BT to max then AT to max.. .cannon and finally mortars…)

    Thank you very much!


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