Did a hog upgrade so that I can use hog miners while pushing and in war. Unfortunately I still have lvl4 wizards and lvl1 baby which I found to be a great impediment in my raids, I think it might be better to not bring these clean up or funneling troops in favor of more hogs/miners which can be used to push deeper into the base.

Upgrading my wizards to TH8 level which gains 33% more stats! This is why I keep saying that growth is good at TH1-9 because its exponential and the problem of growth comes at TH10 onwards. If wizards gain the appropriate strength, they wouldn’t be useless at higher levels. Its stupid that bowlers have more dmg and can bounce while wizards are completely useless.

Our clan managed to snag first place for the very first time in this season. We were unbeaten and were able to promote to Masters!

This was quite surprising given that we only had 7 TH13. As I previously said, our mid-bottom was quite weak and we had many favorable match ups where enemies had weak mid-bottom bases. The top was quite strong with many mid-maxed TH13 but from #3-4 onwards, most enemies were weak. This allowed our weaker bottom half to score many stars against enemies.

I forgotten to take a picture of our clan standings to see my contribution. By hitting #1/2 every single raid, I did not gain many stars (~17-18) because our enemies had strong top bases while they had weak mid-bottom. I fully expect us to get demoted again next season as M3 seems to be full of TH13 and our mid-bottom will not be able to cope. Hopefully this does not impact morale much.


  1. Hi i just wanted to say how awesome this guide is, informative and I learned so much and I play clash extensively for 1,5 years. I for sure will recommend this to my clanmates. Thanks and keep up👍


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