What TH level do you expect the above upgrade to be? Its actually a TH9 upgrade and you can see how full the bar is at TH9.

The only reason I’m upgrading him right now is because I am using siege barracks fairly frequently and I need them to take down a few defenses behind walls. Its so depressing that it takes me more than a month to just barely improve it by 50%. If it were up to me, the growth will be as follows:

Wizard Old HPNew HPOld DPSNew DPS
Lvl 4130130125125
Lvl 5156 (20%)156170 (26.4%)170
Lvl 6 (TH9)175 (12.2%)180 (15%)185 (8.8%)210 (23.5%)
Lvl 7 (TH10)190 (8.6%)205 (13.9%)200 (8.1%)250 (19%)
Lvl 8 (TH11)210 (10.5%)235 (15%)215 (7.5%)300 (20%)
Lvl 9 (TH12)230 (9.5%)350 (48.9%)230 (7.0%)450 (50%)
Lvl 10 (TH13)650 (85.7%)850 (89%)
No change to lvl1-5. Percentage shown represents change increase per level. Lvl10 is the hypothetical level for TH13.

Just observe how bad the growth is at the higher levels, the % increase gets smaller and smaller which contributes to the “zero growth” phenomenon we see in TH12 and TH13. Growth is only good between two TH levels and even then it might not be felt!

The rationale for my change was that wizards would get huge dps growth but his hp would trail further behind. Since TH9-11 are relatively balanced, they do not really see huge changes. The huge spikes you see in TH12 and TH13 is because of the warden. I want to make TH13 without warden = TH12 with warden which explains the 50% and subsequently 90% increase in hp. Of course defense will be adjusted accordingly and balance within each TH level would be relatively the same. The difference can really be felt when you dip or attack higher levels.

In reality, the entire concept for the grand warden needs a rebalancing, right now he is too overwhelming and overcentralizing. That would be a completely separate post. Below is just a hypothetical table of wizard’s health with warden. In my mind, warden will be rebalanced such that the below does not occur.

WizardsOld HPNew HP
Lvl 8 (TH11)210 * 1.5
= 315
235* 1.5
= 352
Lvl 9 (TH12)230 * 1.9
= 437
350 * 1.9
= 665
Lvl10 (TH13)650

The above graph perfectly illustrates why I keep saying the warden is so important for TH12/13. You basically gain no growth from troop upgrades and only gain something when you max out your warden. Stick a TH12 wiz without warden and he’s shit, even a TH9 wizard with warden can outperform it. TH9 wizard with warden has 342 hp and 185 dps while a TH12 wizard only has 230 hp and 230 dps. A troop which is 3 levels lower has 49% more hp with only 20% less dps! Just shows how out of whack the current balancing is.

At least I have the primal king to cheer me up. His animations are hilarious.

Just continually grinding defenses right now. I’m trying to split up my builders so that they all have a 1-2 day gap between each other. After this current batch of buildings, I will go back and work on 8-9 day TH11 upgrades and keep them parallel.

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