Same old, same old here. I’m constantly capped out on elixir and DE which I cannot spend because SC artificially limits our progress. Whenever SC is ready, they will release another 100 walls which I could’ve completed if they had released it in the beginning.

One solution I’ve proposed before is that there is a “soft level cap” and a “hard level cap”. The soft level cap is what we have right now, 100 walls and 70/70/50/20 heroes. However, if you are willing to grind/spend money you can grind an insane amount and continue progressing minimally. The hard level cap would be all 300 walls and 80/80/60/30 heroes.

After your first 100 walls, all subsequent walls cost 17.5mil gold/elixir (cannot be discounted by gold pass) which will drain almost your entire storage, and costs 20 wall rings. Same for heroes where you need to spend 290k DE or 17.5mil elixir to “partially” upgrade your hero level. You canno use hammers to upgrade heroes in this manner. There’s no upgrade time but you need to drain your storage to use this feature which is intended so that you cannot really hide your loot until you cap your storages.

This sort of farming is not meant to be achieved, it is just a method for maxed players to continue progressing, albeit in a minuscule manner so that we still have a headstart when the new update is released. Each extra hero level will only give 0.3% increase in stats which will not break balance. When they increase the soft level cap, then your heroes will go to their appropriate strength.

Finishing up my final few cannons and afterwards I only have traps to complete. I still have one cannon which is not maxed yet but I can use the BoB from clan games to complete it immediately so I don’t need to waste a hammer or time for it.

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