Dropping out of legends was a chore, I had to switch to a FWA base then deliberately did 0 stars on my attacks while sniping gold storages. After two long days, I managed to drop out of legends and now I can drop back to masters/champs. Fortunately I was still able to keep builders busy while dropping so it wasn’t a big blow. Now I can farm properly and casually to maxed TH13.

Attack logs:

With the 8 raid limit and difficulty getting all the loot in raids makes legends bad for both casual and hardcore farming. I cannot understand the appeal of legends since I can farm more loot more easily in lower leagues. For casual farming, I can easily raid twice as much as legends because I don’t need to wait for hero regeneration. For hardcore farming, I can farm much more than 8 raids per day.

Another bad level of wizards, I’m just completing it so that I can use a book to finish the final level. After wizards, I will probably max hounds next then work on baby dragons.

Changed to this island base to use in Titans which is performing really well. I probably wouldn’t use this base in lower leagues because people can snipe my storages easily for loot.


  1. Hey dusk. I love legend farming, but that’s because I have 3 th 13s and searching for bases really really takes a lot of time on each on. So legends gives me constant, decent loot over all bases. That’s why I love it there.


    • I’d say just use war armies in masters/champs would be good enough. You can get 500-700k loot so much easier and you’re not reliant on heroes for raids. I can raid twice per login which greatly increases my loot per day whereas I cannot feasibly do 8 raids per day in legends unless I boost


  2. Hi, Sin.

    From my point of view, I see some benefits of staying in legends for casual farming with certain requisites.

    1º you do less than or 8 attacks per day. Thats obvious. If you can farm 15 times a day you will perform much better in lower leagues.

    2º you need “attack immediacy” if that means something. I have many cases of mates that their problem to no perform more attacks a day is that they cant skip bases for 4 min to find a dead one and another 3 minutes to attack them. This variable is ignored most of the time in these comparisons but for busy people is way easier to just “catch and shoot” 6-7 attacks a day. This also denies the factor of not being able to attack without heroes, because you wont attack two times in a row anyway.

    example is, getting into the car before going to work, and attacking just 3 mins (or less), but in that case you wont stay in the car for 15 mins to wait for 2 barch attacks and finding dead bases in between.

    3º Timezones, in europe (which is our case), most people are able to spend more time in the afternoons, early evenings. And thats by far the worst time range to find dead bases.

    4º The last factor is practice. Once you have your heroes and attack maxed and your clan is able to donate a war CC for every attack. Legends is a great place to improve in the game, usually nearly maxed bases with defensive cc and common designs youll find in cwl.

    I agree with you that if you and your clan are hardcore players, barching in crystal/masters and practice dozens of FCs everyday against common bases is infinately bettter. Maybe my opinion is a bit biased since every person i play with tend to be hardcore player mentality (focus 100% in CWL, min/maxer, strategic rusher, competitive, esports focus) with so so little time to play (cases i mentioned above).

    Would love to hear your opinion for those cases!!


    • 1. The problem is that I can easily do 12 raids per day in lower leagues, but not 8 in legends. The main reason being hero regen, I can only raid once per login compared to 2-3 times when I play in lower leagues.

      2. If you’re just casually storage raiding in masters/champs, you wouldn’t need to next much, just next <10 times and find a good 500k base to raid and get a ton of loot. Then you can repeat immediately and gain loot for a second time. This is what allows me to raid 10-20 times per day even with a super busy schedule, about 3-4 cycles in the morning and 3-4 at night. Whereas if I farm in legends, I can only do 3-4 attacks comfortably without boosting.

      3. For me, I found out my best hour is 4-5am so I wake up early and sleep early to accommodate that. Its also great for studying as a progressing doctor.

      4. As for practice, I can't deny that if you are so busy that you can't FC, legends can help with that. I guess having some practice is better than none, but I reaffirm that 1-2 sessions of training in the weekend would do you better than legend raids.


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